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Digitalisation is the new frontier for SMEs that aim to stay competitive in the world.

Companies in Europe no longer compete just with their neighbours or even other firms in their country but with all competitors on the global market place. It is necessary to always be on top of the latest technologies to provide the best products and to deliver the most rewarding services. Digitalisation is needed to achieve such goal.

The concrete advantages of going digital are many and can help a company in different areas of activity, for example:  


  • digitalising the management system of resources and staff can optimise the way activities and tasks are undertaken, smoothening the work flow and producing long-term benefits;
  • using new machines based upon digital technologies can improve the production of goods, both increasing the quality of the finished product and speeding up the process;
  • it is possible to deliver services perfectly tailored to the requests of clients, as all information required can be more easily found and analysed through software and programs;
  • reaching out to new potential new customers is much easier thanks to digital marketing and the use of online channels that can identify and communicate to the audience most in need of your business.

DigitaliseSME aims to support companies that want to engage in this process by matching them with a Digital Enabler who can help them implement a digital project responding to their need for digitalisation.

By registering with the project, companies can reap out all the benefits of digitalising. They will receive tailored support by an expert while being able to save on all the costs usually associated with this process:

  • By registering, you will have no need to have your team spend time researching the profiles of different experts. The project will match each company with the Digital Enablers most suited to put in practice your specific project.
  • You will also reduce the starting cost of digitalising as the visiting Digital Enabler will be paid by DigitaliseSME while working on your digital project. You will only need to provide him/her with lodging and meals for two weeks.

If you are a company and would like to register to realise a digitalisation project, you can see the conditions for participation and register your profile here. Following a selection process and if selected, you will be asked to provide a detailed description of your specific needs and will then be matched with a corresponding Digital Enabler.



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