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DigitaliseSME wants to help European SMEs to digitalise and stay competitive in a world that relies more and more on new technologies.

To achieve its goal, the project relies on digital experts, or “Digital Enablers”, who can register in a database and can then be matched with a company to support it for a month, with two weeks of desk work and a visit on its premises of two weeks, when they will help it set up a digitalisation project responding to its needs.

As we understand that such expertise and the time needed to implement projects are very valuable, the project will provide every “Digital Enabler” providing two weeks of desk work and going abroad for two weeks with a lump sum payment of 8.000. Moreover, the companies they will visit will take care of their accommodation and their meals, with minimum standards being guaranteed by the project’s conditions for participation.

If you are a digital expert and the idea sounds intriguing, keep in mind there are also many more benefits in joining DigitaliseSME:

  • By joining a European project focused on the topic, you will raise your visibility as an expert. You will gain a unique professional experience, further strengthening your reputation at national level as somebody who has earned international recognition and works on projects around Europe.
  • You will open the door to new business opportunities in a foreign country which is part of the EU Single Market. Hence laying the foundations for the growth of your activity.
  • You will build new contacts you can tap into for your future projects. By helping a company digitalise, you will create a relationship of trust which you can rely upon in the future to enlarge your network.
  • You will sharpen your skills and knowledge by working on a new challenge. You will get the chance to work on a project that, while related to your expertise, will provide you with new insights and skills in your sector.

If you are a digital expert and would like to register as a Digital Enabler, you can see the conditions for participation and register your profile here. Once your profile is evaluated and approved, it will be matched with a company that fits your profile.


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The Pilot Project DigitaliseSME is co-financed by DG CONNECT of the European Commission, on proposal of the European Parliament.

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