On the 8th November, DigitaliseSME hosted its first webinar where we discussed key topics such as the way the project understands digitalisation and digital projects, the role of Digital Enablers and the criteria to participate. If you missed it and/or you have questions like “How could my business profit from digital transformation?“, “What exactly will I have to do if I join the project as a Digital Enabler?“,  “Does my Company fulfil the criteria for registering?”, “What documents do I need as evidence for my qualifications as a Digital Enabler?you can download the presentation of the webinar here.

The presentation is divided in key sections, including the project’s definition of digitalisation, examples of the positive impacts digital transformation has had on businesses who have undergone it, the criteria for participating as a Company or as a Digital Enabler, and the procedures and steps to move from a registration to a match.

More material from the webinar will follow soon but don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might still have, and don’t forget to register to benefit from the unique opportunity of joining a project for the digitalisation of SMEs in Europe!