Veronika Kobylková next to Edgar Reh at the offices of Skill Software

Edgar Reh is an entrepreneur leading the company Skill Software in Germany, specialised in the development of digital tool helping the management of companies.

Due to his technical knowledge, he showed an interest in the DigitaliseSME project from the very beginning and quickly registered as a Digital Enabler, which allowed him to support the digital development of companies abroad.

Through this experience, he quickly understood that he could also expand his market abroad in Europe. To do so, he also realised, he would need the advice of a digital expert with a different expertise than his own, more focused on market analysis and digital marketing.

He hence registered his company on the project’s website and was matched with the Czech Digital Enabler Veronika Kobylková, who had exactly the kind of profile he was looking for. Let’s hear from them what their time together has delivered.

Hi Edgar, Hi Veronika, thank you for joining us today. Tell us, how did you hear about DigitaliseSME?

ER: My company Skill Software is a member of the German project partner BVMW, so I was made immediately aware of the project when their communication started. I quickly saw the opportunity in it as a digital expert, but it also entailed growth opportunities for my company that I had not immediately seen.

VK: I was informed about the project from fellow digital experts in the Czech Republic who recommended me the project due to my technical profile.

What was your objective for joining in a match? What did you want to get out of it?

VK: This is my first time joining a cross-border international project. This raised some concerns in me but I took the challenge as I wanted to prove to myself that I’m able to participate in such projects and deliver results. It is very important for me and I am very proud that I managed this successfully.

My residence is very close to the border with Germany, which indeed made cross-border cooperation easier. Also, as a woman, I was certainly worried about going abroad on my own, so I would like to thank Edgar, whose hospitality made me feel very welcome outside my home.

ER: As I originally registered with DigitaliseSME as a Digital Enabler, I could experience first-hand the strong support and the benefits that companies receive from joining the matching program.

For example, I was very happy of the work I have done with AETO in Czech Republic, not just for the results themselves, but also as it allowed to know better the country and its market. I decided I wanted to expand there but realised that the support of a digital expert who knew the market would be invaluable, so I registered my own company for support by DigitaliseSME

You are now at the end of your match. How do you feel you have benefited from this experience?

ER: We are now really trying to step in the national Czech market with the support of Veronika. Her knowledge of the right digital tools for market expansion, which are integrated in our strategy, coupled with her knowledge of the market have proven invaluable.

VK: I am very happy that I managed to establish a strong professional cooperation with Skill Software. It has provided me with new opportunities and I would be very pleased if this initial project would trigger further cooperation between us.

Do you have any final remarks or suggestions for the project?

VK: I am really glad I took my chances and joined in a DigitaliseSME match. While it can look daunting at the start, it was a very rewarding experience, both personally and professionally. I hope Edgar is satisfied as I am, and I would surely advice anybody in a similar position to take this kind of chances.

ER: I am indeed very satisfied with this matching, having now been on both sides, receiving the support of an expert and not just providing it. I can say that this experience will surely lead to further collaboration between me and Veronika and I am glad DigitaliseSME provided such an all-rounded positive experience, both as an expert and as a company.