George Serban, on the left, and George Gabriel Puscasu working side by side

George Serban, a Romanian expert in supporting the digital transformation of companies, attended a conference in November 2018 where he heard about DigitaliseSME. The local project partner Iceberg+ was presenting the new EU program matching digital experts with companies across Europe in need of digitalisation.

He thought it was a very interesting opportunity for somebody with his profile, so not only he registered as a Digital Enabler on the website, but he also reached out to his broad network of business contacts to let them know about the new matching scheme and the potential opportunity to work with him through it.

His goal was to see if his skillset was as marketable in other countries, and a match would be the perfect opportunity to get this experience, as well as to expand his market reach to countries that hold significant opportunities, like Germany and the UK.

This proactive approach bore fruit because one company that received his message was Nexial in the United Kingdom, managed by George Gabriel Puscasu. Nexial is a company specialising in providing digital logistic support to other businesses, for example by helping them organise their server or working with them in getting digital permits.

As a young company, it needed to use a business management system provided by one of its clients. However this was only a temporary solution and it wanted to move the system to an in-house solution. This requires a digitalisation of the process that can help take the company to the next level.

The proposal for a match with Mr Serban was exactly what was needed. Once approved, their collaboration immediately started to yield results and Mr Puscasu is very happy: “Everything looks like it worked according to plan. George understood very well what the issues are, and he has proposed very appropriate changes to our management system, which is our target”.

Mr Serban also thought this was a very fruitful collaboration. It allowed him to test himself and become confident that his profile is going to be appreciated abroad, while also strengthening his reputation at home as an expert who works internationally.  “I feel very validated” he commented “I really hope one year from now Nexial will look very different – if they’ll implement the plan we have finalised together, this will surely be the case”.

Both Digital Enabler and the company were very happy to have joined the project. Mr Puscasu stated that the most important thing in general is to set good communication between the Digital Enabler and the company, as it was in their case. In this way the expert can then identify the issues and come up with solutions.

As an expert with some experience, Mr Serban also recognised the high value of the project: “I think DigitaliseSME is very good as it allows small companies to hire an expert that they don’t even think they need. Not all SMEs understand the benefit of digitalisation and, only once they are put in touch with an expert, they really understand the value of digitalisation. Your work to put them in touch is invaluable. It also helps experts as it makes it easier for us to get in touch with companies”.