The team of WebMagnat in a group picture, with Mr Schaller fifth from the left in the back row

Achim Schaller, a German expert of digital transformation, visited in January the Romanian company WebMagnat for a month in the role of a Digital Enabler as part of a DigitaliseSME Matching.

Mr Schaller has been active in digitalisation networks throughout his career, and currently manages an e-learning platform. He was contacted by the project’s German partner, BVMW, as one of their members with the perfect profile to benefit from this project. He was selected by Iceberg, the Romanian project partner, for a match with WebMagnat, a Romanian small company.

WebMagnat is a software development company that wish to automate their development process. The company’s staff had met Iceberg staff in person in Vienna and, after further online research, had expressed interest in being matched with an expert who could provide a different perspective on the best tools, the best methodology and the most efficient way to reach their goal.

Mr Schaller agreed to help them as he saw as an opportunity to face a new challenge in the field he has worked throughout his life: management of processes. The introduction of digital technology, in his opinion, requires the change of management processes, often needed to interact ideally with this technology. He really wanted to see how this applied in practice and to help people deal with the challenges of digitalisation, and this was the perfect occasion to do so.

As their matching experience is coming to an end, both WebMagnat and Mr Schaller are very happy with it. “It superseded our expectations” commented Delian Coroama, WebMagnat’s CEO and owner, joining us together with Mr Schaller for an interview. “We expected somebody to support our digitalisation, but Achim gave us a new perspective on the whole company. He offered us advice on how to improve many processes, for example our financial administration, and helped us understand the importance of people in digitalisation processes. His plan and recommendations really added to our business strategy. We’ll keep on working on implementing his suggestions for the time ahead of us”.

Mr Schaller was equally positive: “I consider any of the projects I work with a unique challenge – people are different, particularly if you go abroad. You have to listen to them to get the full picture and I am looking always to the entire business process. At WebMagnat people were honest, open to ideas and showed me how everything worked which allowed me to make a proper assessment and provide observations. I was working with a team of very young people, which was very good, and looking into the process of software development was something I had not done in many years and really benefitted my expertise by providing me with new insights”.

Mr Coroama recognised that this matching would have been near impossible without the support of the project’s partner, which they are deeply thankful to, and advises any company wishing to digitalise to register with DigitaliseSME as having an expert observing the processes and provide suggestions is extremely helpful.

Mr Schaller pointed out that language barriers can constitute a real challenge for SMEs that want to join, particularly more old-fashioned ones, and advised fellow digital experts to join, find a company that truly needs their expertise as a match, be open-minded and finally to always focus on being helpful to the entrepreneurs they are matched with.

If you also wish to benefit from DigitaliseSME Matching program, you can register here.