Ignacio Cano Rodilla with Emilio Rincón Cruz

The Portuguese company recently funded and led by Emilio Rincón Cruz is working towards innovating the support that aircraft technologies, such as vehicles and drones, can provide to the agricultural sector.

To realise his objectives, the company needed the help of an expert in the management of the data that these technologies require to function optimally. The company found this expertise in the Spanish Digital Enabler Ignacio Cano Rodilla, whom Mr Cruz met through DigitaliseSME.

Let’s hear what they have to say about their experience with the project:

How did you come to know about DigitaliseSME?

ERC: I heard about DigitaliseSME for the first time during a conversation with a Spanish entrepreneur, who mentioned the program in a business meeting. I then researched it online and contacted FUNDECYT-PTECX, the National Contact Point for Portugal.

ICR: My first contact with DigitaliseSME was through a collaborator and client. He mentioned it to me with the idea that it could be interesting for me and that participating as a Digital Enabler would benefit my company specialised in aerial technology consulting and application.

What was your objective for joining? What did you want to get out of it?

ERC: My main objective was to cover the need for knowledge that my company had. We generated a lot of information which we could not tabulate, order, even take advantage of , so we applied for a person with great knowledge in the world of UAV, computer science, and programming.

For us it was an unbreakable barrier, which meant that, without the help of this person, it would be almost impossible for us to continue use the tools we were working with.

ICR: One of my objectives when I joined DigitaliseSME was the opportunity to meet a company abroad and use my knowledge to support it. It is always enriching to see how other people work as you bring your knowledge and experiences, while also learning from the company.

How do you feel you benefited from this experience?

ERC: We have notably improved in data management, organization and generally in our way of working. Before meeting Ignacio, we had a lot of information, but we were not able to make the most out of it, because of the misplacement of all this data. When we talk about data, we mean multispectral images of many Gigabytes, information from soil probes, flight process management, and other digital tools management we had, but which we were not able to use efficiently.

ICR: On the professional side, it has allowed me to help the company of Emilio to get more out of the tools that were available (unmanned aircraft vehicles and agricultural machinery). It has also given me the opportunity to fly the company’s aircraft, an aircraft totally different from the ones I’m used to pilot.

Personally, spending one month working day by day on the operations of the company – how the work is planned, how it is done – has been very important both to design their digitalization plan, and to understand how hard the work is and how undervalued field activity is.

Any final remarks? Any suggestion or wishes for the project?

ERC: Projects like DigitaliseSME should analyse the work that the company wants to do, and specifically an analysis of the time they require to achieve their objectives, since there are projects that are developed very thoroughly in a month, but there are projects that take longer and that cannot be completed in such short time. What I want to say with this is that, within the analysis of the company and the Digital Enabler, there must be a flexibility in the allocated time to be able to face projects with greater problems or scope.

For my part, I am very satisfied with the work carried out by the expert, but I would have liked it to last longer so that we could work more on some key points that he was developing during his stay at our company.

ICR: A suggestion for the project would be to split the visits of Digital Enablers into two phases: a first phase to study the matched company, and a second phase perhaps more practical. At least in our case I think it would have been very productive.

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