Today, digitalisation is a key part of the process of any organisation, and companies are no exception. To stay competitive, to expand their market and to reach new clients, enterprises must undergo a process of digitalisation, starting with it if they are start-ups or through a process of digital transformation for existing firms.

But is is often easier said than done – SMEs specifically are often faced with the inability to smoothly run a digitalisation process because of the obstacles they have to deal with: they do not have the expertise in house do nor they know where to find it, they have specific ways to work which means they have to find somebody who can analyse their individual case and the process can put a dent in their budget.

DigitaliseSME is a new EU-funded project that will support the digitalisation of SMEs and mid-caps in Europe. To overcome the hurdles mentioned above, the project will connect experts of digitalisation processes, the Digital Enablers, directly with the companies, starting a unique collaboration that will benefit both parties.

The project partners will select for matching companies and Digital Enablers among those who have registered. During registration companies can explain what they need and what is their reason to join the project, while Digital Enablers can present their expertise and the rationale for their participation. They will then be matched in ways that provides companies with the opportunity to implement their vision for digitalisation – the Digital Enabler will visit the company for a month and help set up a processes that will respond to their necessities.

In this way companies get what they need and Digital Enablers have the chance to strengthen their reputation, to expand their activities and their market reach, while being paid by the project a fixed fee of 8.000€ for their work across the month at the company they will visit.

Do you want to know more? Explore our website and register today to participate in this new, exciting opportunity.