Trevor Buhagiar together with Krista Boschian at Royal snc’s Office

Trevor Buhagiar is a digital expert from Malta who has specialised in helping companies integrate the use of digitalisation tools in their customers management, with the idea of improving their market outreach.

His profile was a perfect match for the needs of the company Royal snc, a family business managing a number of hotels in North-East Italy. They were looking for somebody who could help them digitalise so that they could provide better services to their guests while expanding their market outreach.

Trevor and Royal snc worked together in a DigitaliseSME match for a month to set up a project that would help the company achieve its goals. We have interviewed Trevor and Krista Boschian, Royal snc’s project manager, to hear from them how their time together went.

Hi Trevor, Hi Krista, thank you for joining us today. Tell us, how did you hear about DigitaliseSME?

TB: I received an e-mail from the Malta Business Bureau (the DigitaliseSME Ambassador in Malta ndr) which mentioned the project and invited professionals in the digital world to seize the opportunity. The project looked interesting so I looked for more information: specifically I went on the project’s website and I looked at what exactly was needed to become a Digital Enabler and, as it matched my profile, I put my application through.

KB: I was searching on the web for opportunities for collaborative growth with other companies in the field of digitalisation. I almost immediately found the DigitaliseSME’s portal, which thought was very interesting and provided the kind of connection we were looking for, so I registered my company.

What was your objective for joining in a match? What did you want to get out of it?

KB: Being digitalised is a must for the successful future of any company, and we want to be up-to-date and up-to speed. This is important in the relationship with our guests as it can help us provide them with a great experience. Nonetheless the data collection is also very important for us so that we can increase our market reach but also improve the internal management of our hotels.

TB: I am always on look out for opportunities. I wanted to get in the program as I wanted to share my experience in digital transformation with companies that are in need of it, like Royal snc. In fact I decided for this match as it allowed me to explore a new region, Italy, and a new market, while I believed I would provide real added-value to the company.

You are now at the end of your match. How do you feel you have benefited from this experience?

TB: I feel this was a great opportunity for somebody like me, as having worked with a company abroad really counts for my portfolio. I met a new business and I hope I helped them. I am now in contact with somebody in a new market and I have grown professionally in the meanwhile.

KB: We had a great experience and the Digital Enabler matched with our company worked perfectly for our needs. He identified our scope of work and he identified the correct solutions that we could implement to push it further in the direction we want to go.

Do you have any final remarks or suggestions for the project?

KB: We really hope we can implement the project Trevor set up for us. We are currently looking for funding to do so. We really need help in these services. I really hope the project DigitaliseSME continues as it provides a great service to SMEs in Europe .

TB: The DigitaliseSME initiative is a great project, I congratulate whoever thought about it as it is really needed. I hope companies who joined in matches can now move beyond the stage of auditing and implement the solutions they have discussed.