Ing. Zdeněk Bílek, on the right , working with Sergey Matusevich, on the left, on the digital audit of FYZIOklinika

The firm FYZIOklinika , a private health clinic specialised in physiotherapy in Czech Republic, has always worked in the understanding that it is vital to keep up with technology changes, particularly in the era of digitalisation.

For this reason, its director Ing. Zdeněk Bílek immediately saw the potential of the support offered by DigitaliseSME when he become aware of the project. He registered the company in the database and was subsequently matched with Lithuanian Digital Enabler Sergey Matusevich, whose profile could really help the company fulfil its ambitions for improvement.

As they are currently engaging in the last week of their matching, with Mr Matusevich visiting the premises of the company, we have interviewed them to hear how their experience is going.

Hi Zdeněk, Hi Sergey, thank you for joining us today. Tell us, how did you hear about DigitaliseSME?

SM: A fellow digital expert and colleague in Lithuania attended a conference on the Eastern Partnership, an EU initiative: there he was in contact with a person who has heard of the project previously and I think had also joined the database. Unfortunately I don’t know who this person was but I would really like to thank them for sharing this information.

My friend forwarded me the link and I thought it was a good opportunity. It was unusual to see a project that would allow me to share my experience in managing digital processes and to do so in other countries, which I found very interesting and so I decided to register.

ZB: As an active entrepreneur in Czech Republic, I regularly receive a lot of updates and information from Czech agencies, including CzechInno, the Czech partner of the project, which is also one of my main sources of news concerning international digitalisation opportunities. When I read about the project, I thought it had a lot of potential so I registered my clinic.

What was your objective for joining in a match? What did you want to get out of it?

ZB: What attracted me to this project was its focus on digitalisation, which is something I have been also been focusing on in my company for some time. I wanted to discover more about what solutions could be implemented to further improve the efficiency of our management and the relationship with our clients. I would like to find a way to speed up our processes. I really wanted an expert to do an audit of our capabilities and suggest how to strengthen them through digitalisation.

SM: I have some experience in the management of digital processes and I thought I could really help smaller companies by applying my skills. Previously I used to work in IT companies, but here there are no specialists so my help can really improve the situation and to increase the quality of services.

You are now at the end of your match. How do you feel you have benefited from this experience?

SM: During my first visit at the start of the match, I was worried as it was my first experience abroad but everything is well organised here and I could enter in the workflow very comfortably. I get all the information I need and colleagues are very welcoming. I was able to recover some useful tools from past experiences that I think could really help FYZIOklinika to improve its performance.

ZB: It was extremely helpful. We have been looking for a Digital Enabler since March, and I received a lot of CVs from the National Contact Point, which went the extra mile to find somebody fitting our needs. In the end we received Sergey’s profile, which really showed the specific skills we were looking for.

I am glad we decided to hold on until the project provided a perfect profile as my expectations were met in reality to the full by his work. He thought us how to use new technologies, like new communication tools, and how to deepen the connection between digital tools and the services we provide, really speeding up our learning curve.

Do you have any final remarks or suggestions for the project?

ZB: I really think companies should try to find the right specialist for their digitalisation needs and DigitaliseSME really helps with this. Technologies are evolving really fast and I am really looking forward to see how digitalisation can help us now that we had the advice of an expert.

SM: This project is a really good opportunity. The idea of connecting digital specialists and companies in different countries really leads to an exchange of experience and, even more importantly, of best practices. It is a two way street as you can really pick up things from the company while delivering your services to them

It is still possible to benefit from the DigitaliseSME matching program for two months. No time to hesitate, register here.